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Jacqueline T. selected Other

Love all of those artists!

Diane Blankenship selected Other

All of those and more guys and gals in classics country. Nothing like classic country music to calm my stressful day!

Anonymous selected Other

Loreeta Lynn

joseph dooris selected Hank Williams, Jr.

Great music everyday, gret station

Rodney Roof selected Conway Twitty

Conway Twitty with Waylon a close second.

William Craig selected Charlie Pride

I’m a new listener to your radio station and I’m still a die-hard classic country fan and I’m just now tuned in and I’m going to enjoy every classic country song that you play; I know you deliver big time. Thanks!

Geoffrey selected Alabama

Found this station on Saturday night and have been listening 12 hours a day at work since. Thankful to be able to stream. Absolutely love this station!

Matthew parker selected Charlie Pride

Dear wvtf fm great radio station

Kerrie Hollenbeck selected Alabama

Nice classic country music and very good radio station to listen to !

John Lewis selected Conway Twitty

I enjoy your show. You play some great music and have a pleasant voice. Good work young lady.

alan del balso selected Other


Eileen Barker selected Willie Nelson

We love your music. Whenever the radio is on it's tuned to you. We listen on both AM and FM.

Brett Dexter selected Waylon Jennings

I absolutely love your station. Its to bad there are not more like it!!!

Gerry LaVallee selected Other

Alan Jackson

Scott selected Other

Gary Stewart or faron young

Brett Dexter selected Waylon Jennings

There has never been and never will be a better singer than the great waylon jennings. If only he was still here with us

Karen Ryder selected Other

Johnny and will always be my husbands and my favorite country artist. The ones you list are good and we like them but Johnny is the best!

BUBBA Smida selected Waylon Jennings

I love all these artist

Jackie selected Conway Twitty

I actually love ALL of these artist in your poll.

I caught your station coming out of Albany, and I want to say THANK YOU! I will be listening anytime I'm driving through there. I love classic country and no one plays it in the Syracuse area. Great to hear the classics on air again.

Dylan selected Conway Twitty

Conway Twitty is the man. He put so much heart into his music and had an amazing voice, no wonder why he had so many #1 hits!!!

ROBERT TRUEMAN selected Willie Nelson


Susan selected Other

I love all the old classics but I love to her Elvis sing, he is my all time favorite. I go all over to see ETA which there are some great guys out there impersonating Elvis. One of my favorite is Lake George they have one every year.

Matt Sigler selected Other

Great station just wish you would extend the broadcast range and play more Tom T. Hall and Dick curless

Billiejo M Vrooman selected Other

Kenny Rogers is my favorite.but I like them all

susan b selected Merle Haggard

My Daddy's favorite.

Lew Sandy selected George Jones

I like George Jones but all the old country singers are my favorites. You are the best country station to hit this area in a long long time.I love the old country classics. I don't like the new country rock like the other country stations play. Keep up the good work of playing the classics. You're the only country station I listen to.

Amanda selected Alabama

That was a tough decision. I love them all and love your station. The new country is just not country enough for me!

Darrin Prusko selected George Jones

I think I found a new station. I was in Amsterdam and this station popped up. I can't get this station at home, but I am going to try 1570am. I hope I can this station at camp (Galway). Keep it up with the oldies!

Milly selected Conway Twitty

But really loving all that you play. Please don't ever lose this station. One of the few things I love coming home to after a long day at work.

Anonymous selected Waylon Jennings

Stacey selected Merle Haggard

Thank you for this station! I found it by accident and am in love with it!!!

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